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How Should Doctors Get Paid

How Should Doctors Get Paid?

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Chestnut Top Trail

I took another solo hike recently. I had planned to go with my usual hiking partner but that didn’t work out. We still got our usual pre-hike omelets though. I was hopeful that Chestnut Top Trail was going to be full of wild flowers. The Little Brown Book records it as the best wildflower hike … Continue reading »

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Why am I still sick?

“Why am I still sick?” That’s a common question I hear after someone has been infected with influenza and started on therapy.  Most of us associate our times of illness with some common bacterial infections: sinusitis, pneumonia, ear or skin infections.  When we get infected with these bacterial pathogens they tend to stay localized to … Continue reading »

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Book Review “The China Study” by T Colin Campbell, PhD.

T Colin Campbell’s book The China Study summarizes his journey starting with basic science research in the effects of nutritional changes in laboratory animals and ends with what is likely the largest observational study on nutrition and health ever conducted. The book is based upon a published research article concerning the same information. In this … Continue reading »

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Hierarchy of Christian work: My job is better than your job.

Here is a great sermon by Tim Keller of Redeemer Church New York City. It’s a good discourse on rightly understanding our position of working in God’s kingdom. Our Work and Our Character

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Jake’s Creek to Jake’s Gap

I got an unexpected chance to go solo hiking the other day. I decided to head up Jake’s Creek starting in the Elkmont camping area. I traveled about four miles up the trail to Jake’s Gap. This is where the trail intersects the Panther Creek trail headed west and the Miry Ridge Trail headed east … Continue reading »

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Book Review “What’s Eating Your Kids?”

Kelly Dorfman’s recent book What’s Eating Your Child? is an exploration of how food affects the physical and emotion health of children.  She uses anecdotal pseudo-case studies to demonstrate how particular children had improvement focusing on particular nutritional changes. Throughout her book she helps parents and practitioners alike understand better ways to involve their children … Continue reading »

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Book Review: “Why We Get Fat And What To Do About It” by Gary Taubes

Science writer Gary Taubes most recent book is a follow-up to his tome “Good Calories, Bad Calories”. Many have claimed it as the reader’s digest version of his first work. I think it is that and more. It certainly is a shorter and quicker read but also has some updated information and more practice application … Continue reading »

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Oops – Radiolab

Oops – Radiolab. This unexpectedly grace and mercy fill podcast demonstrates the unimaginable glory of a God who isn’t surprised.  Ever.

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Schoolhouse Gap to Campsite #6

Here are two pics from a recent 12 mile hike I took with my dad up Schoolhouse Gap to Chestnut Ridge Trail west to campsite #6. It rained about 70% of the time. I’m glad I packed my hammock’s rainfly which allowed us to get out of the rain for lunch.

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