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Book Review: “Why We Get Fat And What To Do About It” by Gary Taubes

Posted by on February 4, 2012

Science writer Gary Taubes most recent book is a follow-up to his tome “Good Calories, Bad Calories”. Many have claimed it as the reader’s digest version of his first work. I think it is that and more. It certainly is a shorter and quicker read but also has some updated information and more practice application of what a lower carbohydrate diet and lifestyle should look like.

I believe Taubes has presented in this and his first work on the subject the best description of how our diet affects our waistline. He explains this in clear terms and logical sequences. As all works of this sort must do he oversimplifies several topics but only occasionally loses his way with grounded science.

I would recommend this work as a foundation for any patient wanting to better understand the relationship between what they eat and their health. I use these principles daily in practice to help patients achieve substantial weight loss and better health. In my practice, my partners and I have developed a program of “Nutritional Counseling” whereby we spend a significant amount of time just in counseling our patients on better nutrition. When this is done and patients begin to make the proper changes at home we routinely see reducing in weight, reduction in blood pressure, and reduction in serum blood sugar levels. It is not uncommon for patients who really understand these principles to begin to resolve their diseases. With this we have the very fun privilege of recommending less medication rather than more. It can be very rewarding to work ourselves out of a job.


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